Method: How to run iPad Apps on your iPhone

iPad has many amazing and interesting applications that, unfortunatley iPhone currently don’t have. Apps like “Garage Band” and “FlipBoard” currently don’t offer an iPhone version. There is a solution for this problem that can make this happen, and if you are willing to jailbreak your iPhone. You can install iPad apps on your iPhone easily using a free Mac application called itelepad2pod.

Download itelepad2pod HERE!!!

Users can download this app and have it install their iPad app of choice onto their iPhone. The app requires that it’s home folder be installed in your Mac’s “applications” folder, and is currently not available on windows.

When you open the app, it will launch a Finder window and ask you to choose the iPad app that you’d like to install on your iPhone. Once you choose the app you want, it will launch into a utility that asks you to input the root password and the IP address of your iPhone. You will have 20 seconds to input this information, so act fast.

Once you input the info, the app will launch Terminal on your Mac and begin doing its magic. itelePad2pod will patch some iPad configuration settings in order to make the app work on your iPhone. One important point here is you must be using a jailbroken iPhone with “OPENSSH” installed in order for this to work. The app uses “SSH” protocol to tunnel into the root file structure on your iPhone and install the correct files. Just follow the prompts and the whole thing should work out smoothly.

Watch the demonstration video BELOW:

Try this out, to use iPad apps on your iPhone. Although it lacks little user friendliness but we hope it’ll be fun to try and use. Stay connected to us!!!

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