Mobile photography at its best with STEP

Do you want to take a giant leap for iPhonegraphy? This is all possible with the best and the simplest photo editing tool available called STEP. This app has set new standards of mobile photography.

As you open the app, there are beautiful photos to explore. All these photos have been created by photographers using STEP as their photo editing tool which has made their photos into something new.

There are even recipes for photo effects available. All you have to do is apply them onto your photos and, share them to let other users see what kind of editing you have done with the filters available. Use the presets available for turning your photos into a special piece of art. You just have to tap for converting the photos into something new. The presets can also be customized according to your own style. The filters that you can apply include fade, exposure, contrast, highlights, temperature, saturation, vibrance, sharpen, grain, spotlight, vignette and more.

STEP is the most elegant choice for anyone who wants to do mobile photography. It can take your photos to a whole new level and you will definitely enjoy this free photo editing experience. Download it in your android or iOS phone now.


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