MOHAA Breakthrough Full Game Free Download + Serial Number

Medal Of Honor is the best First person shooting Game in the world. It is based on the World War II, it is not surprising that MOHAA is one of the best shooting game based on Second World War. Medal of Honor Allied second expansion pack released named as Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough. It takes you to the past unexplored parts of the European theater. Uncharted not necessarily new, however, and all you have breakthrough a little more flesh than the first expansion, spearhead, which ends up being repetitious and stale.

The first Allied attack consists of many missions included many levels. Breakthrough does not change this formula, and consists of a dozen new levels. These include three missions, which will take you to North Africa, Sicily and finally the Italian peninsula. The levels are varied and will take about six hours to complete in total. That destroy the German artillery, prisoners of rescue vehicles and driving, among other things. Individual level do not go together to form a coherent whole – are dumped on the battlefield and objectives given without any explanation as to their ultimate goal.

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Breakthrough contains nine new multiplayer maps and a new multiplayer mode called liberation. Liberation is a team game where players are dead jailed without weapons. Soldiers on your team can come save you from prison. When you exit the area of prison, you get your weapons. Rounds can theoretically last forever if people are always saved, so that teams must also defend their own prison to keep the enemy to save their lives. Like all team modes that require rescue team to find out what they do. Often one person will refuse to save his teammates, and rather go on a quest to kill enemies. But overall it’s a fun way to complement other multiplayer modes in Allied Assault.



Minimum System Requirements:
1_ Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

2_ Pentium III 700 MHz processor

3_ 256 MB of RAM

4_ 1.2 GB of disk space

5_ Mouse, Keyboard

6_ DirectX 9.0 Compatible

7_ 16MB DirectX and OpenGL compatible Video card

8_ Sound Card

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