Most Popular Game Apps

Most smartphone users find their smartphones quite useful for a number of reasons; one of which is enjoying games. Games can easily be downloaded and installed on smartphones. Depending upon the kind of smartphone you have, these games are found at the associated app store.
One popular game app currently is Draw Something by OMGPOP. This app can be used by smartphones running the Apple OS or Android. There is a free version of this app. However, it has bothersome ads. It’s quite cheap to download the full version. Draw Something is a social game that you can play with people on your social media feeds; you can also play random users. The game provides a word and you have to draw a picture of it in the hope that your opponent can guess the word.
Angry Birds set records for its popularity as a gaming app. Well, the birds are back – but this time, in space. Angry Birds Space is another top downloaded gaming app right now. A giant claw steals the birds’ eggs and the Angry Birds chase after the claw and enter a wormhole. Next thing they know they have entered a new galaxy. The pigs are back as space pigs. This new version of Angry Birds has 60 different levels. This game is available on both the iPhone and Android operated devices.
Another top game right now is Clear Vision. This game is rated for users 17 and older due to the violence associated with it. The main character of the game is pushed a little too far. After being fired from his job he embarks on a new career as a professional hitman. This is a different kind of game but quite popular among many adults. As with Draw Something and Angry Birds Space, this game can be found for Apple phones as well as Android.
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