Movie Vault, a new app to watch Classic Movies on BlackBerry PlayBook

Apart from Netflix and Hulu for BlackBerry PlayBook, there are also other useful alternatives or apps. A new app which is released is called Movie Vault. It is an amazing app, which while connected to wifi or tethered to your BlackBerry smartphone, you have access to over 900 classic movies, with more being added all the time. The movies are arranged by genre but you can also search by keyword, actor, title, director, and more. Movie Vault is integrated with IMDB for cover art and movie information including ratings, plot summary, and other details.

Get Movie Vault App HERE!!!


This app is easy to use and navigate. A children’s category is also added just to make it easier to find movies that can appeal to kids. All movies contained within the Movie Vault application are Public Domain works as classified under Creative Commons. You can pick up Movie Vault for $2.99.

So enjoy this cool app with some popcorn, hook up the HDMI cables, and settle in for some good old fashioned family fun. You can also check more cool BlackBerry Apps, in our BlackBerry gallery.

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