New ‘Subconscious Mode’ Could Dramatically Improve Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphone and Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices could expand battery life by as much as 54 percent for users on the busiest networks by new ‘subconscious mode’. This is the good news for the users of smart phones but this approach is still in the proof-of-concept stage and is not yet commercially accessible.

University of Michigan computer science and engineering professor Kang Shin and doctoral student Xinyu Zhang will present their new power management approach at the ACM International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking in Las Vegas.

If smartphones are in power-saving modes and not actively sending or receiving messages even then they are on alert for incoming information and they are penetrating for a patent communication channel. It has been found by the researchers that this kind of energy-taxing “idle listening” is taking place when a phones spend large time in power-saving mode. This new approach could make smartphones perform this idle listening more efficiently. It’s called E-MiLi, which stands for Energy-Minimizing Idle Listening.


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