New Toshiba 3D Regza TV Launch In December

Toshiba launch world first glasses 3D REGZA TV soon in December. As we already reveals Toshiba three new TV’s in August. Toshiba company announced that, they are launching to version of 3D TV named as “Glass-less REGZA 3D TV” these are  20-inch 20GL1 and the 12-inch 12GL1 respectively.
The resolution feature of 20-inch LCD is 1,280×720 which have both 2D and 3D images. It also come with a special version of Toshiba’s Cell processor which is the basic component of Play Station 3. It also has LED back light. We also expecting HDMI interface, a USB port, LAN card and REGZA link.
The 12-inch model considerable have low features like, 466×350 screen resolution and no Cell processor. It also has LED back light, HDMI interface USB port, LAN card and REGZA link. The special thing this model have is SD card slot for viewing JPEGs and AVHD images.We are also expecting to view 1Seg (1Seg is Japan’s digital mobile TV standard) programs on this SD slot.


Toshiba promises to there buyers that they will be able to view 3D images in high quality without glasses. They also view nine different distinct angles. The company recommend that the viewing distance is 90cm in case of 20-inch model and 65cm in case of 12-inch model.
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The estimated cost of Toshiba 3D Regza TV’s in Japan is $2,900 for 20-inch model and $1,450 for 12-inch model.

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