New updates for Mac mini

Yesterday, Mac celebrated the Mac mini’s 7th birthday. As workhorse products go, the mini are unable to beat. It offers a great deal of processing power along with a small impact and plenty of ports for devices. Add any monitor, keyboard, mouse, or trackpad and you are ready to rock and roll.

Here are some of our preferred ways to use minis in actual life:

Media Center. The Mac mini gives you the media power of an Apple TV, a small impact, and adds computing on top. Connect your Mini to an EyeTV or identical capture system, and you have created a workable DVR solution. Yes, Apple decreased FrontRow support with Lion, but we are very fond of Plex and XBMC.

New updates for Mac mini

You can buy a Mac, a dev membership, and all the components you need to get began with iOS growth for under $1000. These minis also act as a trip pharmaceutical for many designers. From there, it is onto iMacs and MacBooks.

Kid Computers: Nothing states knowledge like mini. Get your learners started with an excellent Mac experience, at an inexpensive price. Most kid software, browsing, and email will operate on older minis, so you can buy renovated while knowing your kid can still get the job done. Embedded Programs. Minis are effortless to install to embedded systems, from kiosks to entertaining museum exhibits. Their Apple lineage also indicates that maintenance and warranties are taken care of through low-cost AppleCare.

Windows Programs. One word: Boot camp. Your Mac little may be one of the finest Windows systems you ever owned and operated.

Got other techniques you like to use Mac minis? Be a part of in the comments as we celebrate 7 years of the little Mac that could.

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