Partnership of Facebook & Spotify for Music Service

According to report by Forbes, within two weeks Facebook is going to launch a new music-streaming service powered by Spotify. And that partnership will only be in countries that already have a Spotify presence, which excludes the U.S.

When it will be launched, Facebook users in Spotify enabled countries like France, Sweden and the U.K. will see a Spotify icon appear on the left side of their news feeds. When you click on the Spotify icon, it will first install the service on the desktop and then let you stream millions of songs for free through Facebook.

Another interesting aspect of the service is the ability to let you and your Facebook friends listen to music at the same time. It could be pretty good to listen to new music and talk about it in real time with multiple friends in one online spot. Importantly, no money will be exchanged in the partnership, but the deal has obvious benefits for both parties. Facebook will have a popular and well liked music service, and Spotify will likely see a dramatic increase in new customers.

So, wait and watch for this new music entertainment on Fcebook. And keep watching our all posts, we will be surely updating you.

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