Point of Sale App for Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Point of Sale Software System

Kounta software is an easily accessible cloud based ‘POS’ System, especially designed for your I-Pad. Actually it is very flexible and reliable, however powerful enough to control details of any size hospitality or retail business. It is easy to set up an account, and grow or manage your store dealings from anywhere, whether you are online and offline. Whether you are setting up your business from scratch, or you are migrating from an accessible legacy POS System to Kounta or you are running multiple stores, Kounta cloud based POS App is considered to be best option for you.


Assimilation’s of Kounta


This POS Application integrates superbly with leading methods of accounting, inventory, imbursements and devotion embellishments such as Tyro, SAP, Xero, MYOB, Collect Rewards and Beat the Q with Sales force or Quick books. Kounta is also working with an extensive range of receipt or label printers and cash-drawers. Mostly customers who are using Kounta share their experience with public.


How it works


First of all, you have to download the Kounta Application on your apple I-Pad, I-Phone or Android. The secondly, you have to Sign up to Kounta Lite, Kounta Business or Kounta Plus for free or have to make an account to get registered. Thirdly, you have to explore your cloud support Back Office and then fill Kounta with details of your product inventory. And then lastly, you have to customize your online register and quickly start selling your product.

Mobile Point of Sale, Ordering and Payments

While using Kounta app you are going to purchase and pay for products online. You have chance to create an interaction with your clients, relatively just making a transaction with them. You can also advertise your stores to different buyers around you. By using this app you can take or book orders from your customers in advance, and have the option to pay your suppliers by just using phone. So what are you waiting for, download Kounta and put your store into the hands of your clients. Recognize latest trends in business and make mobile payments. And also get a chance to know your clients.
iPad POS System

Android POS App


Web link: Kounta iPad POS System

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