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Nowadays everything needs technology. Technology is rapidly growing all over the world. And on the top of the list of technologies you will see android. To facilitate people android has created a lot of different apps like you can easily video chat via Skype app. Similarly press-reader is also an app of android. Press-reader is used in the field of newspapers and publication. This is an app through which you can read newspaper from 97 countries and in more than 54 languages. You must wonder how can we read 97 newspapers from different countries via only one app?

This app is compatible for iOS, BlackBerry, Android as well as simple windows phones. It has a cross-platform with user friendly interface. This app saves your money that you spend on buying money and very helpful for those who don’t have time even to go to the bazaar and buy a newspaper for them.

I am a user of android that’s why I only focused on android. I want this awesome app in my Samsung Galaxy S. In order to facilitate you I am going to write the method of installing press-reader on your phone running Android.













How to install PressReader on your Android and iPhone?

In order to install PressReader the only thing you have to do is just go to the Google Play by just clicking search icon, write the name of the app in the search bar, once the result shown just click the PressReader and then click install button to install PressReader on your phone. Here you’re working is done; the app will automatically be installed on your phone. You can install PressReader app on your iPhone from here.

Features of PressReader:

It provides us the fully contented 2,300 magazines and newspaper. Newspaper belonging to 97 countries in more than 54 languages. You can read it from cover to cover. Some people cannot read due to weak eyesight PressReader also provides audio publications. You can easily listen them. It contains flip pages just like real publications. You can also zoom the page or article to view it with more clarity. It has simple interface like it provides thumbnail or tables that show different publication on one page. You can easily search your desired publication. You can subscribe to your favorite publication title to get alerts and can also download the selected title. This app provides that facilities which any other app does not provide. Read more about PressReader here.

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