Protected Bootloader Fixed: Install the custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Great news for the owners of Samsung Galaxy Tab, now you can install the custom ROM in your Galaxy Tab. The moderator of XDA forum Chainfire has just update his thread with this news. There is the file and a bunch of commands that will unlock the protected Bootloader of Galaxy Tab. Chinfire hold off the releasing because there is a risk of messing up the device if the process is not done correctly. The moderator said that he will soon release the apk for the easy to use.

I have spoken to Rotohammer, and he has sent me the files for the fix.

It is a sensitive fix, and thus we are not just releasing it. We will be making an APK that does the unlocking for you, so there’s no chance you mess up the commands and brick your device. That is, at least, if we don’t mess up the APK 

Expect the APK to go into (closed!) testing early next week, with hopefully a public release early the week after that.

Personal note from the Chinfire.

I have tried to flash back older bootloaders and kernels several times and in several ways (from for example JJ4) but this fails. Odin said it succeeded the very last time I tried, however it really didn’t, as my device is now a full (user-wise) brick. It doesn’t even turn on to show me the “phone — | — pc” error screen. So I guess I need to make a trip to the nearest Samsung repair center (200 miles away). Too bad my car also broke down today Guess it’ll be some time (and money) before I have a working Tab again. Note that the brick was a problem with Odin, probably, not directly caused by the protected bootloaders themselves.

Update: Tab is back and working Replaced mobo, so I no longer have the signed bootloaders myself.

You can find more information in the original active thread. Don’t forget to visit your Android Gallery to get more free apps and much  more. Keep in touch and up to date yourself.

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