Racing in Car 3D Mobile Game

Car Driving Simulator 3D is really one of the best cars racing games, which I have ever played on my smart phone or tablet. I just can’t explain my happiness and excitement for having this game on my phone. It is an awesome experience of driving fast racing car like Lamborghini, with such an awesome graphics and maps with amazing landscapes.


This game has got really good graphics, which helps in smooth running of the game without any interruption or pause. It’s probably the best game to play with Bluetooth controller. And you also have an option to buy it’s add free version for $2.99. It also have the options for setting sound, controllers for playing game and setting the quality of the video according to your choice.


You have different options to select the cars. And all cars are so decent and fast enough to be played easily. This game is consider the best because of the sensitivity of its starring wheel, as you really don’t have to push it hard for turning your car. After crashing you can easily repair your car and make it brand new.



Yes there are some of the drawbacks in this game like when the car is crashed or hit somewhere it get holes, which really looks artificial and not so good. The other drawback of the game is presence of fewer options for cars. And it will look better if planes were flying around instead of being parked on the racing track. While playing this game I have noticed one thing, that when you turn off your WIFI only then you can get rid of ads, otherwise they will keep on disturbing you while playing the game.


I really have a wonderful experience while playing Car Driving Simulator 3D. And if anyone really wants to play a realistic game then he should try this game. And this app is available for all people either they are using android phones, windows phones, or I-phones. I highly recommend this game as it is so addicting in nature, I am sure that everyone likes to play it.

You can free download Car Driving Simulator 3D from Google Play Store Now.

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