Remotely control your BMW 1 Series with Nokia C7 App

AS we have seen the most powerful Smartphone integration of Nokia N8 but nothing likes Nokia N7. It is also a good respectable handset but we didn’t even imagine that, we can control BMW 1 Series with Nokia N7. The all credits go to two Chinese coder, An Jiaxuan and his close friend, who develop C7 app in 20days. The C7 app full control the BMW staring, accelerator and breaks. The developers of this app said that they just take 20days to code C7 app and few more days for remote control hardware as well as inside gadget.
Firs they code the application for Nokia C7 in 2o days. After that they test the developed code on 7 different subjects to check the fully compatibility of the application. They remotely control drumming toy, air conditioning, lights, remote DSLR and remote controlled car. But they want to do big thing with it, So they decide to remotely control the BMW with their Nokia C7 app.

After coding they step forward to real part of setting up of BMW system with Nokia C7 app. This is most difficult step to set up the hardware and inside gadget for BMW car. After the hard work finally succeeded and successfully control the BMW. You can see all the cool stuff in the video below, how they remotely control BMW with Nokia C7.

They bottom line is they are such a cool and smart guys who done such a cool stuff.  Now you are able to remotely control your BMW 1 Series with Nokia C7 app. Don’t for get to checkout our free apps gallery to get more cool stuff. Keep in touch and up to date yourself. Thanks.
Via [Symbianworld]

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