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ReQall is one of the most effective iPhone application and it is available for all users to bring into their day-to-day life.

It effectively combines several different organizational features into a single, extremely handy app. The program is completely free of charge as well and this is definitely something that should propel it to the forefront of similar productivity systems.

The application acts as a list of things to do, combined with a reminder service quality. reQall enables users to speak or write works in their iPhone, and save it for later.

Alerts can be issued by various options, including email, SMS, instant messaging, calendar, alarm, or a computerized voice. The flexibility inherent in the use of these features is what makes the program really shines, however, and users tend to return to reQall just to play with different options.

If for no other reason that the free downloads, reQall is a great alternative app for iPhone which users can control. It has enough features and customization to justify regular use and is very polished and well developed.

Watch The Tutorial Below:

From the reQall website…

“ReQall for iPhone gives you a voice-to-text recorder, task/shopping/idea manager, reminder service and memory aid all in one. It will improve your productivity and change how you remember. Just say what you want to remember; reQall for iPhone will manage the rest.”

Download reQall for iphone Free From Here

ReQall is also useful for groups or work situations, if a friend or colleague to join the free service as well, to the People tab, you can share the items selected contacts. ReQall also warn you-do list items in many ways, thanks to a built-in instant-messaging clients (AIM and Yahoo Messenger), Firefox, text messaging and e-mail. For each of these explosions reminders through the media as a pop-up reminders for the iPhone screen.

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