Review on Mountain Climb Racing

People have always been in love with the racing games. Mountain Climb Racing is another game in the list but with different specs and features.


If you are fond of 3D racing games, then mountain hill climb racing is the best game for you in every manner. It is a 3D 4×4 simulation game. No doubt, driving a 4×4 truck in a curvy mountainous track is extreme fun. All you need to do is to complete the 10 levels and finish this mountain climb racing 3D 4×4.

Playing the Mountain Climb Racing 3D 4X4:

  • Accelerator and brake paddles are used to control the 4×4 truck
  • For reverse and forward movements, gear paddles are used
  • Direction of the truck is controlled by steering

Features of the game:

Salient features of the game include the following:

  • 4×4 truck well equipped with a powerful engine
  • Real car physics
  • Mountains and hills are 3D
  • Truck and engine sounds are excellent
  • Attractive background music
  • HD land with real control over truck

All these features appear to be so real while playing the game in every manner,

All the best for this exciting game!!!!!! Play the game to your full and enjoy in every manner.


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