Rumored New iPhone Mini Nano Have No Internal Memory

Rumored in the air, Apple is planning to launch Mini iPhone Nano. According to CultofMac there is no internal memory in up coming iPhone Nano and it is only rely on cloud based content.

.. Apple had to figure out a way to strip away some of the components to reduce both its size and cost.

Apple decided to lose some of the memory, which is by far the most expensive component of the iPhone (up to one-quarter of the device’s cost, according to iSuppli estimates).

By “some” of the memory, we mean ALL of the memory. The iPhone nano will have no memory for onboard storage of media, our source says. It will have only enough memory to buffer media streamed from the cloud.

“I’m talking strictly storage memory here,” said our source.

iPhone Nano have edge to edge screen and there is no button on the front face, just one button on the top. There is also no front face camera, only the back of 3.2 mpx camera. The report also adds there only on board storage for the operating system and system cache. The photos/videos taken from the camera. Other than that, it will rely entirely on a new revamped Mobile-Me service for uploading and streaming content.

The device cannot surely come without any memory — what about the operating system and critical system data?

And what about pictures and movies taken by the iPhone, assuming it has a camera? No onboard memory means photos and video will have to be streamed UP to the cloud, and presumably in real-time.

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