Samsung Galaxy S II Motion Feature Setting Demo Video

Samsung Galaxy S II another cool Motion feature leaked in the YouTube video. After revealing the amazing specs and cool features, this phone has been on the wish list of many gadget addicts. After checking the motion feature of Samsung Galaxy S II you may add this phone in your wish list. The new motion features of Galaxy S II allow you to control your device by moving device to your specific direction which is set by you. Let me show you example, if you get a call from some one you don’t want to talk must turn the phone over. Simple you don’t need to press press/touch any button. Another example, let suppose if you are driving car and you need to make a phone call or may find a destination, you just need to tap the phone twice on the top in result voice command box will appear. Give a commands what you want. Do you believe ? yes it actually happen. Checkout the below below video.

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Demonstration of Samsung Galaxy S II Motion Feature:

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