Samsungs plans to sell Flexible screen gadgets in 2012

Samsung Electronics said that they will launch mobile phones with flexible screens next year, with tablets and other portable devices that have these screens soon after.
samsung galaxy
The company said it was to track the success of its Samsung Galaxy S2 Smart Phone, which sold 10 million units in five months.
Not to be behind the curve by Nokia Smartphone flexible fantastic, Samsung announced that it plans to release – and not just show concept prototypes – a flexible smartphone or tablet in 2012. Next year promises to be enough this year.

Vice President and head of Samsung’s investor Robert Yi said recently that the Korean company will issue a flexible display in 2012. Robert Yi, spokesman for Samsung said: “The flexible screen, we seek to introduce in 2012, hope earlier in 2012. The application will probably start by the side of the handset. “He noted that mobile and tablets will be first in line.

While I was out of this flexibility video sample Nokia smartphone earlier this week, I’m very suspicious that Samsung will release something to the audacity of a real product next year. I do not see how it would be profitable for the company to the risk of the market pie. Maybe Samsung will be a luxury and very expensive as Porsche design makes the BlackBerry, so, Samsung always be able to fulfill their promises. Robert Yi never said it would be inexpensive.

galaxy skin in 2012

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