Send Free Sms Text to Any Mobile Phone From Pc

People want to send free sms text to any mobile phone from pc but they are unable to get the best place which affords them with other great services as well. But for these people smsroaming dot com is available. Here you see the features of the website. Be being registered to this site you can get unlimited message n your cell phone all over the world whether it is Pakistan, UK, Australia or any other place around the world. You can send lot of Sms messages to whatever extent you want to. You can as well your Facebook status by means of local Sms from your cellular phone, you can also comment on the wall posts of your pals o contacts by using local Sms service moreover you can also come to know about your friends’ birthdays via local Sms and much more is provided for you. Like facebook you can as well update your Twitter status by means of local Sms service using your cell phone.

Well, the other best attribute of the website is you can send mobile to mobile Sms which is the most wanted feature by all and sundry. Now you can get entry in to your mobile phone contact list and enjoy Sms messaging by getting the application of Mobile phones. No need of checking messages being online. Similar to Mobile to mobile sms service for you there is one more interesting facility of forwarding sms to cellular phones. In addition you can as well forward Sms to electronic mal simply opt for the contact and send it.

For your ease you are afforded with the facility of sending Sms to 30 receivers at a time. And such application is included in Group Sms Messaging. Like many other ms facilities provided by the web site you can also go for sms scheduling. Just schedule your message it will be sent on the exact time.The website is thick with great facilities. And the one more thing if you lose your mobile phone no need to get concerned about for the reason that your all massages are kept online.

To get all these great features just sign up to

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