Setup guide for the PC Remote Control

PC Remote Control is an enticing desktop application to control the PC from anywhere that is in the range of WiFi or BlueTooth on the mobile devices. This application supports the Linux, Mac and Windows.

Grab this application and enjoy controlling your PC on mobile devices with the help of Keyboard and mouse from anywhere in the blueTooth and wireless ranges.

Prominent Functions offered by the PC Control:

  • Mouse and keyboard remotes
  • PC screen on mobile
  • File management
  • Media controls
  • Secured connection
  • Shortcuts for quick browsing
  • Browser remote

Setup Guide:

  1. First of all install the app on device and then download it from
  2. Install it on PC and open the app.
  3. Create a connection i.e. Wi-Fi or BlueTooth.
  4. Setup the connection name.
  5. By default the password is set as “Remote”.  In case, you want to change the password then you can do it with the help of PC server properties. Enter the password.
  6. Save the connection.
  7. Press the connection and select the use

All is well setup. No doubt PC Remote control is known to be productive application for its users. Go grab it ad enjoy its features in every sense and manner.


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