Simple Steps to increase your Android smart phone’s Battery life

Hey folks, welcome to our website. Here you can find everything related to 3rd Generation Technology. So, you are the very pleased owner of an Android smart device. You and your smart phone do almost everything together, but you might have observed that your Android’s battery is running out before the daily activities have done. Read through, and we are going to show you some easy tips and tricks to increase the battery life of your Android smart phone.

Dim the lights:

On most Android phones and tablets, you can see which application and programme are utilizing up your battery power. Go to Settings > About Phone > Battery Use. The largest battery bar is probably to be the display, so we will begin off by making a few changes there. Brightness settings: Turn down the maximum brightness of your mobile display. Go to Settings > Display > Brightness and moving the slider over toward the left. If you like the result, try checking “automatic brightness,” which can make your device adjust to the lighting conditions around you.

Shorten screen timeouts: This setting allows you to adjust how quickly the screen goes dark after you stop tapping on it or interacting with it. Go to Menu > Settings > Display > Screen Timeout.

Turn off live wallpapers: Yes, they are very pretty, but live wallpapers can use your battery power 20% fast. Consider converting to a static background if you are trying to squeeze every last accessible minute out of your device’s battery. To change your device’s wallpaper, long press on your home screen and select “Wallpapers” from the list.

Take things to the next level:

The power manage widget gives you accessibility to your Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GPS, synchronization, and brightness settings and can be your key to more advanced battery-saving steps. Simple Steps to increase your Android smart phone's Battery life Turn off bluetooth and GPS: As a common rule, turn off your bluetooth and GPS when you are not using them.

Manage your Wi-Fi: Your Wi-Fi settings depend on where you are; If you know you are someplace with discontinuous Wi-Fi (or no Wi-Fi access at all), turn off the Wi-Fi. Furthermore, if you are somewhere with a strong Wi-Fi connection, then using Wi-Fi can help save battery power by saving your phone from browsing for a data network.

Watch your widgets:

Widgets are one of the large selling items of Android gadgets, enabling us at-a-glance details without having to start a lot of apps. However, widgets with very brief default update intervals can drain your battery, taking the glow off knowing specifically what your friend had for lunch today.

You can modify most widget update times in the main app’s configurations menu. Go to the app > menu button > settings, and then look for something such as “widget upgrade interval.” We would suggest setting the interval to 30 minutes or higher than that to get a balance between being connected and losing the party invitation because your battery passed away while you were out.

Set up defenses:

We suggest Juice Defender if you are having battery problems. This extremely customizable app can do everything from tracking what’s eating your battery to putting a targeted lockdown on your most power-hungry apps. Download Juice Defender from here and Ultimate Juice Defender from here.

Following only a few of these guidelines will help you to improving your Android device’s battery life.

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