Solo Launcher Customization app for Phone

Are you in search of the app that helps you in customization of your Phone homescreen, than try Solo Launcher app. This app is freely available at app store and the best part is that it is advertisement free.

Now you can arrange the folders and tabs on your screen, Set your favorite theme, live wallpapers and so many other things like this .

Optimized App for your Phone:

You are also able to download the lock screens according to the fonts that are available in  Solo Laucher.This is the first App in the App Store that provides you with so many amazing and inimitable features free of cost.You can set selected icons of your choice on the homescreen, delete them or change the list of the icons on the homescreen anytime without any difficulties.

Simple and Amazing interface

Solo Launcher is very easy app, the interface of the app is very simple and user friendly. Solo Launcher is designed by the Solo Launcher team in efficient and beautiful way, the use of well designed graphics make this app more attractive and useful. Solo Launcher not let you wait for long time to see you favorite things on your homescreen.

Consumes Less Battery:

Good News for the users of the Solo Launcher app is that it consumes less battery as compared to the other apps. There are so many widgets in Solo Launcher that you can choose. By using this app you can also check your missed call notifications and unread text messages.

You can set privacy settings for your app by simply hiding them there is no need to set password on apps. One Clean Master is also used in the Solo Launcher app to customize the usage of the app in your Android Phone.

So what are you waiting for , download this app now and start using it. Don’t forget to share your views about Solo Launcher with developer by sending him email at  Like Solo Launcher page on facebook to get recent upadates, Your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed as they are the only way for us to get know about your likes and dislikes about app.


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