Soon Video Calling coming to Windows Phone 7

A new feature i.e. video calling is soon coming to the Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 7 is a fantastic operating system, one that has real potential. But, there is still a lot of work to be done on it and Microsoft clearly knows it.

A Microsoft employee divulged that Microsoft is currently working on a Facetime like application for Windows Phone 7.  A snippet of code from Microsoft.Phone.Media.Extended.dll confirms that Microsoft is indeed working towards supporting front-facing cameras. Have a look at a screen shot:


But it’s unclear if the video calling app will be added to Windows Phone 7 itself, or if it is destined for Windows Phone 8. Rumors suggest that a front-facing camera might be added as a mandatory hardware requirement for Windows Phone 8.

Main thing to tell you people is that, it’s not surprising that Microsoft is working on a voice calling app for Windows Phone 7. After all, Facetime was one of the major selling points for the iPhone 4. It was one of the features that appealed to the common man.

Keep checking our new posts, and we will surely keep updating you with the new upcomings regarding Windows Phone.

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