Stay in the Line iPhone, Android Source Code

Stay in the Line, the incredibility famous game is available on Android too. Once you will start playing this game, you will not be able to stop yourself from its addictive spell! The game surely seems easy but when you actually start playing, keeping the player in the line will be one of the hardest jobs.

Well, the simplicity of the game is not the only reason why it is so popular among the Android users. Another reason why it has achieved the top most positions on the game charts is the chance to reskin it. Yes, you can take the existing game to customize it according to your taste and can submit it to Apple.

Stay in the Line iPhone, Android Source Code:

Sounds amazing right? If you want to tap onto this opportunity then you will need Android source code for Stay in the Line. Don’t get sad, you will not have to spend hours and hours on creating the source code. A number of providers are now offering source code for this wonderful app. They are even offering reskinning services just according to the requirements of the clients. If you do not want to miss this opportunity, then just buy the Android source code to get started with the reskinning.


It seems too good to be true right? But it is really happening. No, reskinning is not difficult. It’s way too simple! You won’t even need an artist to help you design the changes. If you are already a web developer then the ball is in your court, you simply need the source code to show your skills.

You can even find plenty of ideas for the reskinning through the web now. You don’t need to be a professional for this. Just tap onto this opportunity to come up with your own creation. When you are done, submit this reskinned app to Apple.

Stay In The Line, Single Licence for $49.

Multiple Licence for $69.

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