Support of BMW for iPod out

Now a days Paris Motor show is going on. These shows are becoming a place for automakers to showcase and release exciting new tech. Like BMW, they are known around the globe for making the “ultimate driving machines”. Now, they are entering the realm of being the ultimate connectivity machines.

We are living in our lives in which, We want to be connected at all times to anything so long as we are stimulated. For car companies, that means giving the people what they want. People want a continued consistent look pulled straight from things they are already accustomed to.

Like, “I use an iPhone; I like the interface; why can’t my car’s display duplicate that?”

Since the automakers are still lost, Apple has gone ahead and built a feature into iOS4 called iPod out, practically giving the people what they want, now automakers just need to accept the loss and go for the win.

Well BMW doesn’t want to make you learn another interface, because they know you really don’t want to. Remember, they were one of the original OEMs to support the iPod. Now it’s official, BMW will have it out this year, and it’s also going to support the iPad, but they call it “Original BMW Accessories, BMW Carrier for Apple iPad Office Mode”.

This is very cool that now we can expect the same experience in our car that we do from our phone. You can do it by connecting through the dock connector or better yet Bluetooth, all navigated from the already in-car iDrive controller. The interface is Apple’s own, though it’s controlled from iDrive. Expect it to be similar to Front Row and to include album art.

For those with older iDrive systems, sadly there will be no upgrade. iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 and the second and third generation iPod Touches will be supported through the system. This is a really exciting turn towards a consistent interface among all cars, hopefully more automakers will wake up and drive the Apple Kool-Aid.

P.S: People want to leave both their key and phone in their pocket upon entering the car. The key should open the car without the need for buttons and the phone should connect to the infotainment system with no cables. That is all people ask, it’s not that hard.




Also have a look at this informational video, to understand the concept properly:

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