Top 10 Free Shopping List Apps For Smartphones

Now we make shopping easy by posting top 10 free shopping list apps for smartphones users. We divide history of shopping into two phases: before the smartphones and after smartphones. Before smartphones, shoppers have not access to full information of shopping list items. They are just lived in the information of desert. Although they get information from internet, but they have limited information and store still at upper hand.

After the evolution of shopping list apps for smartphones, they are able to easy and fast access to the best prices online with comparison of others. Now the balance of power shifted to consumers hands. By using these applications you are able to compare price of shopping items, ranging from instant price comparisons to green ratings of products to ensuring that items are approved by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. You can also check the products or item you are looking for are available in stores or near by store and much more.

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Shopping List Price Comparison And Bar-code Scanning Apps

1_ShopSavvy: You can read barcodes of any product by using your smartphone camera. The ShopSavvy application allow you to compare prices among ten-thousands of retailers. This application also offers products review as well.

Free download shopping list ShopSavvy app on  iPhone.


2_Compare Me: This is one of the great app which solve some mind-bending difficulties of per-ounce or per-pound and comparisons between products. The result of this app shown in both English and Metric volume units as well as numbers of pieces.

Free download shopping list Compare Me app on iPhone.


3_Save Benjis: This application allow you to online search prices of various vendors and reviews. This application doesn’t allow you bar code reader.

Free download shopping list Save Benjis on iPhone.


4_ Red Laser: Red Laser is the first application which allow you to read bar-code scanning and has amazing scanning tech. But the review of the product compare to Shop Savvy is not good.

Free download shopping list Read Laser app on iPhone.

You may check BlackBerry software.


5_ Compare Everywhere: This app is one of the popular Android app which not only allow you to read bar-code but also compares price. The most stunning feature of this app is that it can tap Android GPRS capability to give turn-by-turn directions to nearby stores stocking the items you are looking for.    android

Free download shopping list Compare Everywere on iPhone.

Shopping List Green Shopping Apps

6_Good Guide: By using this app you can read bar-code and get instant rating of environmental, health, social responsibility and product-safety. This app is one of the leading Green life application.

Free download shopping list Google Gide on iPhone.


7_Be Nice To Bunnies: This app allow you to put product name and company name to check make sure that there products are tested on Animals and conform the very high standards.

Download shopping list Be Nice To Bunnies on iPhone for$1.99.


Shopping List Local Shopping apps

8_ Slifter: This local shopping app allow you to get local product search, prices, images, maps and a personalized shopping list. You can also get map of vendor who have the your desired products.

Free download shopping list Slifter app on iphone and BlackBerry.


9_Shop Nearby: Shop Nearby allow you to finger out which near by store have the product you are looking for. You can also check whether the product is in stock by simple calling the store keeper.

Free download shopping list Shop Nearby on iPhone.

10_ iGarage Sale: This application allow you to collects current garage-sale information from Craigslist and keep information up to date.

Download shopping list iGarage Sale on iPhone for $1.99.
Now you have variety of choise to select form the top 10 free shopping list apps for iPhone. Use the app which you suites most safe money, time and enjoy shopping.

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