Top 10 Technologies To Help You Work From Home

Working from home has become one of the more popular ways to balance work and family life, with more and more professionals choosing to set up on their own or do business away from the office. But without these top ten technological advances, working from home might not be such a viable option.

Though our work lives are still as busy as ever, our attitude to balancing our work and life commitments is changing with many professionals deciding to work away from the office, going freelance or setting up businesses for themselves based at home. However, setting up a home office wouldn’t be quite as easy if it wasn’t for the ever-evolving technology that allows us to keep in touch with others across the globe, helps us share information and presentations and lets us go about our daily tasks quickly and efficiently.

Computer, Tablet or Net-book

With over 14 million homes having their own computer, the humble PC has come a long way over the last few years and no home office should be without one. However, working away from the office can often require you to be more mobile and there are now a number of technologies that can hep you do just that. Powerful laptops and lightweight net-books help you work on the move and sleek tablets such as the iconic iPad provide you with a way to carry on working wherever you may be.

Next to the computer, one of the biggest developments is, of course, the internet. There’s no denying the web has become the first port of call for finding information or buying services or products. There are also the benefits of fast and powerful broadband, which helps you get online quicker and easier. Broadband options have progressed since they were introduced, with deals to suit all web users such as the selection of Verizon internet plans at Broadband Expert that use fiber-optic technology to offer speedy connections.

Every home office now needs a Wi-Fi connection to make getting online quicker and easier than ever. Most devices, such as computers, iPods, tablets, mobile phones and even e-book readers, are now Wi-Fi enabled.


The days when you used your mobile phone just for making calls are long gone as the new generation of smartphones are becoming incredibly complicated pieces of technology. Yes, they do still make calls, but they can also be used for catching up on emails, accessing social-networking sites, browsing the web, gaming and taking great photos and videos – all of which are easily uploaded to your favourite sites and instantly shared with others.

Of course, all of these things wouldn’t be quite as easy without the 3G network, which covers the majority of the country, allowing us to call, text and upload and download data quickly and easily on the move. There is also the booming market of applications that you can download which help to make our daily tasks so much easier. From choosing a recipe for dinner to doing the weekly banking chores, you’ll find an app for everything.

Essential Software

When you’re working from home there are a number of applications that can help make your working life so much simpler. Probably the most important is to have a good email service. Gmail, for example, offers more than just the simple emailing capabilities – you can also make use of the document-sharing services and extensive calendar options. It’s great for those who work alone or as part of a team and who need to interact with a number of clients or colleagues.

Skype has become another great tool for home offices, allowing you to conduct face-to-face calls and share presentations or documents without having to be in front of the same screen. What’s more, the software is free to download and use, helping you to save money.

And who can avoid the instant success of social-networking sites? They may not be for everyone, but you can’t deny they’re a fantastic way to interact with friends, colleagues or potential clients. From socialising with friends and family on Facebook or Twitter to networking with potential business contacts on LinkedIn or sharing items on YouTube or Pinterest, there are so many ways to interact with people and get your business noticed.

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