Top 3 Promising Sci-fi Movies of 2013

2013 is to see the real feast of scientific fiction movies. Although the movie schedule of this year is full of varied types of movies, there are some excellent science fiction movies you must take a look at. The compiled list provided below does not include remakes, hit films or sequels.

Some exclusive movies are mentioned here… No matter what your preference of sci-fi movies is, you are sure to find your choice on this palette. Take a quick glance.


In the industry which is criticized for lack of ambition and risk-taking, you find a movie creating a real difference to the trend – Cloud Atlas. It is a true anomaly. This movie is the depiction of mind-boggling book having the same name of David Michelle. This one movie stood against all odds and collected a huge budget from diverse sources.

The movie has multiple storylines, some of which relate to the past while the others to distant future. An eclectic star cast is being witnessed in this movie. Cloud Atlas is a good example of showing how a coherent movie can be created from a novel.



The glorious success of District 9 of the director, Neil Blomkamp gave him the opportunity to earn a good deal from his next movie – Elysium. Like the previous movie, this film also deals with similar social and political themes. This movie showcases the face of earth in the year 2159 when it will be overcrowded so much that the rich would have to live on lavish orbiting station, known as Elysium.

This movie takes pride of its star cast and provides the same blend of intelligence and action like that of District 9. There is every reason to get excited about this film!



M Night Shyamalan is known for producing some of the excellent movies in the past. With the coming of After Earth, he gets back into his form. This is a decent sci-fi movie for this current year. The exclusive feature or the promising thing of this film is Shyamalan has not written for this movie. The screen writing of this movie is done by Gary Whitta and Stephen Gaghan. It is expected that this movie of Shyamalan will be a convincing one unlike his previous movie, The Last Airbender.

Some top movies of his year are right here for you. Are you looking forward to them?
Author’s Bio: Richard Moore is a movie blogger. He offers the latest news about the upcoming movies. His subscription to DISH Network programming has given him the golden opportunity to take a sneak peak at some of the best movies.

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