Top 3 Tech Trends of 2012

1. Sony PlayStation Vita:

With Android and iPhone developing themselves as well-known portable gaming platforms, and the flop that was the Nintendo 3DS wireless, Sony is gambling billions of dollars and pound with its Vita PlayStation portable.

Sony PlayStation Vita

With Vita, which is going on sale February 22, lies the fate of special mobile gaming; if Vita doesn’t make it, the smart phone and iPad will reign unchallenged as the portable game players of choice.

2. Apple iPad 3:

It can be hear that Apple will introduce the iPad 3 on Steve jobs birthday. From what I hear, iPad 3 will be even slimmer and run longer on a single battery charge than iPad 2, will operate extremely lickety-split on Apple’s new quad core A6 processor, include a 5 or even 8 MP camera, include Siri, and, most likely it’s greatest selling point, will sport a high-resolution Retina screen (1536 x 2048 pixels, 330 dots per inch vs. the current 1024 x 768 pixel, 132-dpi resolution on the iPad 2). Images ought to JUMP off a screen with such high resolution and dense dots.

Apple iPad 3

Probably of highest interest to non-iPad owners could be Apple’s slashing of iPad 2’s price, maybe to as low as $250.

3. Nintendo Wii U:

The one common complaint about the otherwise top-selling family-friendly Nintendo Wii is it’s not HD. Right until. At CES, Let me get my first look at the HD (1080p/1080i/720p) Nintendo Wii U.

Nintendo Wii U

But HD is not the Wii U’s big news. Along with being compatible with all current Wii gesture remotes and wands, Wii U includes a new tablet controller, which incorporates a 6.2-inch touch screen to view additional game details away from the prying eyes of competitors. There are stories that Nintendo also will start an Apple/Android-like app store.

Nintendo has never said when they are going to put Wii U on sale or for how much; some say Wii U will bloom in the spring, others speculate the company will wait for the fall to take advantage of the vacation sale season.

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