Top 5 Best Android ROMs For HTC G2 Desire Z [Download]

Today we compile a list of top 5 best Android ROMs for HTC Desire Z. You can free download any one of the ROM which you appeals most. We see that it is very difficult to chose best ROM for your device. Because there are a lot of development going on and many of the un-trusted ROMs out there. If you are one of them and searching for best ROM for your HTC G2 Desire Z, then you are at right place. The list of top 5 best ROMs helps you for choosing best ROM for your device because we try to explain the main features and unique qualities of each ROM. Checkout the below list of top 5 best ROMs for HTC G2 Desire Z.

List Of Top 5 Best ROMs For HTC Desire Z :

1- Virtuous Desire Z ROM:

Virtuous Desire Z is one of the best and latest ROM for Desire Z. The Virtuous Desire Z ROM is created by RMK40 and Evil D senior members of XDA official forum. Checkout the cool of features of Virtuous ROM.


Features of Virtuous Desire Z ROM:

  • Wi-Fi calling included and fully functional.
  • Optical trackpad unlock/wake.
  • Updated versions of all Market-available apps.
  • Official Swype included, since it is licensed for the HTC G2 Desire Z.
  • G2 button (.com/www) set to behave as TAB.
  • Automatic Virtuous OTA upgrade notification and installation via ROM Manager.

You can free download Virtuous Desire Z from here.

2- T-Mobile MyTouch 4G ROM :

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G ROM is also one of the top best ROM for HTC G2 Desire Z. The ROM is most stable and specially designed for T-Mobiles. The ROM is developed by Evil D who is one of the senior member and developer of XDA forum. Checkout the cool features of this ROM.


Features of T-Mobile MyTouch 4G ROM:

Rooted stock kernel.
Trackpad wake/unlock.
Wifi Calling.
Updated GAPPS.
Removed Teeter & SoundHound.
Added HTC Calibration.
Deodexed & zipaligned.

Download T-Mobile MyTouch 4G ROM for HTC G2 Desire from here.

3- VillianRomz Sense UI ROM For HTC G2:

This ROM is also one of the stable ROM for HTC G2 device. The ROM is developed by NPRussell. The ROM is based on official HTC Desire Z 1.34.405.5 RUU. Checkout the feature list of VillanROMz ROM.


Features of VillianRomz ROM:

Huge VillainROM APN list.
PNG Optimized throughout.
Zip Aligned.
Coolbho’s 1497Mhz OC Kernel (setcpu > detect to OC).
Enabled full adb root/remount etc (
Latest Google Apps.
Added HTC’s screen calibration app.
Custom VillainROM Wallpaper.
Wifi Calling App.
Dalvik heap & misc performance tweaks.
Advanced Power Menu.

Download VillianRomz ROM for your HTC Desire from here.

4- Ginger VillainROM ROM :

Ginger VillainROM is an other upgraded version of VillainROM. This ROM is also developed by NPRussell. Ginger VillainROM over-clock your device up to 1.5 GHz.


Features of Ginger VillainROM:

All latest CM7 commits, including notification widgets, cmparts, etc.
Small VR tweaks.
Live Wallpapers added.
Latest Google Market.
Google Apps now included.

Download Ginger VillainROM from here.

5- SparksMod HotSauce ROM For HTC Desire Z:

SparksMod HotSauce is one of the fastest ROM for HTC Desre Z. The ROM is developed by one of the senior developer of XDA official forum. The developer called this ROM meXdroid GingerMex fastest ROM. Checkout the below cool features of SparksMod ROM.


Features of SparksMod ROM:

Based CM7 Nightly 7 (GingerBread 2.3.2).
Using Flippy’s125 G2-FAST Kernel.
Updated HoneyBread Theme.
Still blue theme….everything will be new in next release!!!
VM HEAP SIZE 36 by default.

You can download SparksMod HotSauce ROM for your HTC Desire Z from here.

Hope you enjoy all the top 5 best ROMs and chose one of them for your HTC G2 Desire Z. Don’t forget to come back share your views about your favorite ROM.

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