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We want to a PDF then our mind suggests only one PDF reader which is Acrobat Reader. This is second tire reader but still we preferred it because we have not heard the other PFD reader’s name. There are number of PDF reader which is full fill you needs and these are not expansive like Acrobat Reader. If you are looking for some other pdf reader then there is a list given below.

1 Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a light weight and have more functionality like bookmarks, proper search functionality with flash loading , print PDF file and also add image and text font and clarity.


Click here to Download

2 PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF- Xchange viewer is very fast and also ability to save PDF forms, extract text and images as well as magnify text. You can export PDF pages or documents to BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG formats. One more thing that no water marking.

Click here to Download

3 Cool PDF reader

Cool PDF reader is light weight reader with just 896KB download. It is very easy to print files and convert to any format like png.jpg, txt, MP, JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, EPS. But still it is not an ideal pdf reader its fail to some of the pdf files.


Download link

4 eXPert PDF Reader

This free PDF viewer allows you to view and print PDF documents.  It allows modification of any PDF annotation that has been created from eXPert PDF or any other PDF creation software. Existing documents can be modified according to the requirement. It is fast and sinkable .


Download here

5 Perfect PDF Reader 5

This software occupy your hard disk, it size around 22MB. This has number of unique feature just to export in any image format with different resolution and also have the ability to extract the txt and image and also have the digital signature with time stamp.

Download here

6 Xpdf(Linux)

It is and open source PDF viewer for onlt Linux and Unix operating systems. It has some DRM restrictions for PDF files, which prevents it from copying, printing and converting some PDF files.

Download here

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