Unlock or Jailbreak Blackberry Curve for free

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by Ehsan on November 10, 2010

Now you can unlock or jailbreak Blackberry Curve for free by following simple steps. It is one of the most simple, easy and quick jailbreak for Blackberry Curve for free. You just need to follow simple 6 steps to unlock your Smartphone. We also provide some tips for your Blackberry. You can also free download Blackberry free software, themes, messengers and much more here. Below is the steps to unlock or jailbreak your Blackberry Curve for free.


Step to unlock or jailbreak Blackberry Curve for free

  1. Go to menu
  2. Go to options
  3. Go to advanced options
  4. Sim card
  5. Type in MEPD (you will not see text appear on screen while typing)
  6. Type in MEP, hold ALT & press 2 (while holding ALT)

Tips and tricks for Blackberry

  • To get your Blackberry IMEI number press *#06# from the home screen or call screen. It is shown in a pop up window.
  • Move the cursor > Roll Trackball
  • Exit a screen or move back a page in the browser > Press Escape key
  • Move to a list item or menu item > Type first letter of the item
  • Select or clear a check box > Press Space key
  • View available values in a field > Press Alt key
  • Switch applications > Hold Alt key and press Escape key Continue to hold Alt key and select application Release Alt key
  • Return to Home screen > Press End key
  • Delete highlighted items > Press Backspace/Delete key

Go for more tips and tricks here.

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