Use Siri for Voice dictation on a Mac with iPhone app called Mobile Mouse

With this amazing new application “Mobile Mouse”, published by the Apple store, you can now use your iPhone 4S to control your Mac or PC. The application is a must for all owners of iPhone 4S. Turn your iPhone into a mouse-based movement track pad and a wireless remote and a text dictator for your computer.
Use Siri for Voice dictation on a Mac with iPhone
Now you can control your PC / MAC while relaxing in bed with this application that turns your iPhone into a universal remote for all multimedia applications. Download and install this application and take control of your presentations from anywhere in the room, check your mail, browse your photo library or control your music player while relaxing on the bed. With the new dictation button you can now use SIRI to dictate text to your PC via an iPhone 4S using the Mobile Mouse Application.

Some of its great functions are:

  • Mouse based on accelerometer technology (translated from his hand)
  • movements into mouse movements)
  • The use of vertical and horizontal trackpad
  • The File Browser
  • Multi – touch gestures (supports scrolling and right-click)
  • Media keys (shortcuts to handle multimedia applications)
  • The numeric keypad
  • Shortcut keys to perform various applications
  • Works with multiple monitors
  • Built for both Mac and Windows

The greatest part is, there are no adjustments that you need to tune in order to get this to work. If you already have Mobile Mouse installed on your iPhone, you’re already able to use Siri to influence text to your computer. If not, Download Mobile Mouse From Here. Discovering words I have spoken into my cellphone show up on my Mac’s screen as if by wonder is one of those whiz-bang element that completely reminds me that we’re living in the future.

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