Watch free live TV show on iPhone and iPad with FilmOn

Don’t be panic if you are on the way and your favorite TV show is live. Now you can watch free live TV show on your iPhone and iPad with FilmOn. All of the videos are on HD quality same as to your television. You can watch your favorite channels like ABC, BBC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, Sky News, ITV and many more right from the comfort of your iPhone and iPad. Beside news channels you can also watch your favorite TV shows, movie channels, drama channels and much more what you like to watch 😉 .

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The good this is about FilmOn services is that you dont need to require Apple’s approval for use of any native app. You can browse all the channels provided by the services provider. You just need Safari browser to browse to watch your desired channel.  FimOn also allow you to schedule and pause your live TV show.

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