Watch High Quality Music Videos Now on YouTube App for Android

There are a lot of people who enjoy watching video clips from their phones. And, given the surge in Android, iPhone, and iPad sales, that adds up to a lot of videos. Now online destination for music videos is now on your Android device. YouTube is announcing how much people are watching: a whopping 200 million video views per day, up 3x from January 2010.

YouTube is also expanding its mobile content library — but it is only for its Android application. Soon you’ll be able to watch official music videos through YouTube’s partnership with VEVO. Content also includes from three of the big labels: EMI, UMG, and Sony, but music videos from Warner aren’t available.

Other than the music videos they also launching several new features to make it easier to find out and enjoy music videos on mobile e.g. you’ll be able to hit artist bios, other tracks by the same artist, and related artists. YouTube has offered access to these music videos from its web portal since VEVO’s inception, but they’ve been blocked on mobile devices for one big reason: content owners couldn’t monetize them.

In adding to these features, tens of thousands of YouTube partner videos will also now have pre-roll ads appear on the YouTube 2.0 app for Android. This will not only expand distribution opportunities for partners like VEVO, but also opens up more revenue to partners distributing their content to mobile.

Convenient download links below:

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