Why WikiLeaks App remove from Apple Store

As you all know that that Apple removed the WikiLeaks app from its App Store (via-techcrunch). But know one know the secrete behind, “Why WikiLeaks App removed form Apple Store“. The WikiLeaks app is available for sale at Apple Store on 17 Dec, as we also give download link of WikiLeakes app but after three days Apple removed the WikiLeaks App from Apple store.

The reason behind removing WikiLeaks app from App Store is that, the paid app was selling the content of top secretes site WikiLeaks.ch for $1.99. This app is also follow the WikiLeakes Twitter account and updates. Trudy Muller, an Apple spokeswoman, said the company had removed the app “because it violated our developer guidelines.” Ms. Muller added: “Apps must comply with all local laws and may not put an individual or group in harm’s way.”

There are many question about the Apple, why approved this app for three days and then removed the app from its Store. We would love to know that what’s more worrisome for Apple: the potential pressure/sanctions from various governments if they didn’t pull the app, or the fact that the Cupertino company has now probably really, really irritated Anonymous.

The official status upadte from Apple App Store to the developer Igor Barinov, is that the app has changed to removed from sales. Below is the screen shot of the message.

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    Hi Jimmy,

    I did not know that Apple removed the WikiLeaks app from their store. But, I think we should expect that after all the buzz that has been generated around the WikiLeaks case and their legal issues.

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