Wild Lion Simulator Good Animal Simulation Game


This game is very popular amongst people, especially kids who want to experience a wild life of a loin and enjoy hunting or chasing different animals, like zebra, elephant, hippo, sheep and many more. So for them Wild Lion Simulator is the number one choice. In this game they will see all these features with excellent quality of graphics, sound and animation.


In this game you will see a wild Lion that has made its way to a farm, where lots of innocent animals are present and just because the loin is hungry, that’s why he wants to hunt all of them and make them his food. Actually the Wild Lion Simulator game has lots of options to control a lion. You can chase animals by applying attack mode, and jump on animals while attacking them without being detected. You can also roar and let other animal know about your presence, this feature will give you a more realistic feeling about your presence in the farm.



If you really love loin as compared to other animals, then you have a chance to make your favorite animal to walk around the jungle and attack or hunt other animals by applying its aggressive attack mode and sneaking up on other animals and while doing this you should keep in mind that they didn’t detect you that you are about to hunt them. Just remember that you only have a limited time period to hunt a food for the loin, because he is very hungry and really need to dinner on other animals if he wanted to survive.


As this game have really awesome graphics and animations, that’s why this simulation game will definitely satisfy the appetite of a lion as well as of the lovers of simulation. I assure you that you will love the game and could spend hours playing this game and would enjoy every single second. And by playing this game you have to help the loin to feed on the farm full of animals so that it could survive. Due to excellent graphics and its 3D quality this game becomes so addicting, and demanded by most of people.

Google play: Wild Lion Simulation

iOS: Wild Lion Simulator

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