World of Warcraft WOW Game Chat Slash Commands Free

After the success story of World of Warcraft. Today we find the chat commands of warrior game WOW. Most of the commands are self explanatory, but it’s very difficult to remember all commands. So collect all the chat commands of World of Warcraft at one place, from where you can easily get commands. These are such a cool WOW chat slash commands which is available for free download. You just need to copy or type the command at the chat window. Below is the list of World of Warcraft chat commands.

  • Dance /dance
  • Sleep /sleep
  • Fart /fart
  • Joke /silly
  • Gives current bind location /bind
  • Cast spells by name /cast
  • List chat commands /chat or /chathelp
  • Your character follows selected player /follow or /f
  • List guild commands /ghelp
  • Send message to party chat /party or /p
  • Send reply to the last person who sent you a tell /r
  • Send message to people near you /say or /s
  • List players online /who
  • Yell message to the area around you /yell or /y
  • Create an emote /em
  • Display amount of time game played with current character /played
  • Send text to channel number /<channel>, /c, or /csay
  • Toggle join and leave announcements on channel /announcements or /ann
  • Set your Away From Keyboard flag /afk
  • Set Do Not Disturb flag /dnd
  • Ban or unban player from channel /ban
  • Unban player from channel /unban
  • List channels /chatlist
  • List channel members /chatwho or /chatinfo <channel>
  • Invite player to channel /cinvite or /chatinvite
  • Join channel /join, /channel, or /chan
  • Kick player from channel /kick
  • Leave a channel (or all channels) /leave, /chatleave, or /chatexit <channel>
  • Set player’s moderator status /mod or /moderator
  • Remove player’s moderator status /unmod or /unmoderator
  • Toggle moderation on channel /moderate
  • Change player’s mute permission /mute or /unmute
  • Change player’s squelch permission /squelch or /unsquelch
  • Change player’s voice permission /voice or /unvoice
  • Change password /password or /pass
  • Basic information about guild /ginfo
  • Send chat message to all guild members /g
  • Send chat message to all guild officers /o
  • Invites player to join guild /ginvite
  • Remove player from guild /gremove
  • Promote player one rank within guild /gpromote
  • Demote player one rank within guild /gdemote
  • Set guild’s message of the day /gmotd
  • Remove self from guild /gquit
  • Give entire guild roster /groster
  • Set another player as the guild master (master only) /gleade
  • Disband guild (leader only) /gdisband

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