XP Performance Tweaks In Hardware Upgrades

While everyone talking Vista and Windows 7, the good old XP still proves to be valuable. It’s less complex and busy as these new ones, it brings confidence. Don’t worry if you think it may make you look old-fashioned, there are still millions users worldwide using XP, and they have no troubles with it…if they are into some fine tricks like these below.
There are ways besides hardware upgrades that can help you achieve better performance from your XP machines. Playing with certain settings and managing the computer memory efficiently can give you results that you never thought existed. With these tweaks you can increase your PC speed and run PCs at lower risks.
In a nutshell, situations that prompt you to upgrade the hardware such as slow performance, choppy processing can all be taken care of with certain tweaks that we discuss in the article.
•    Memory optimization: This includes looking for all those redundant files and applications that have no real purpose on your PC, yet are alive only due to your complacency towards uninstalling them. Go to Add/Remove Programs and take off all the extra baggage that your processor has to face (yes, even if you don’t use these application, they do consume processing power while loading at the start up.) Likewise, search for duplicate files and delete them. Empty your recycle bin and delete all the temporary files. Try to get as much free space as you can get from the hard disk. Keep in mind, free space directly affects the performance.
•    Start up management: You don’t want all the applications to start up during the booting procedure. Try to unselect all the messengers and applications that are not essential for the start up. This ways you can ensure that your PC starts quickly. Go to System Configuration to unselect all the applications that you don’t need at the start up.
•    Registry clean up: Not enough can be said of what a regular registry maintenance can do to your computer. Registry is like the heart of your computer. It’s where all the critical data like your preferences, settings and likes are saved. Anything going wrong here can snow ball into issues at various levels of computer usage. Therefore the least that one can do to ensure a sound computing experience is a regular registry cleanup and maintenance. Microsoft doesn’t offer any inbuilt registry cleaner therefore you may have to rely on third party registry cleaner tools. Fortunately, there are many that can help.
•    Anti-virus, anti-adware and anti-malware scans: Viruses can slow down your computer and clog it to a point where only reformatting or replacements would work. To avoid such situations, the best you can do is to download a reliable anti-virus program and secure your computer against viruses. Look for an anti-virus program that searches and delete malware as well.
Learn more about XP tweaks  to keep your computer running smoothly and flawlessly for  a long time!

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