Xperia Z2- For the adventurous souls

Sony is fast emerging as a reliable maker of smartphones to take a place of honor in this competitive industry. With its recently launched range of android based phones it is giving competition to market leader Samsung too with tech savvyhardware and software quality. The Sony Xperia Z2 was introduced as a successor to Xperia Z1 during Mobile World Congress on Feb 2014 held at Barcelona, Spain and is powerful android based smartphone with Snapdragon 801 processor. Launched to compete against Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8, the Xperia Z2 has a robust body with sizeable bezels and centralized power key making it easy to operate.


The Xperia Z2 has a fantastic camera with 20.7 MP which takes excellent and clear shots due to 30 percent larger sensor equivalent to a regular Sony camera. This coupled with its 4K video recording facility which is enhanced with G lens makes it an ideal recorder for storing special events on the go. The videos recorded by this recorder are four times sharper and detailed then Full HD 1080pixel image quality and can be played on TV or projector for viewing pleasure of special events. The Xperia Z2’s camcorder has a large 1.1 cm Exmor sensor with BIONZ mobile image processing engine to work as a real digital camera and gives images which are sharp, clear and bright. If you are the kind who travels frequently and likes to take unusual photographs then the phone is ideal as its motion sensitive camera takes blur free images even when the subject is in motion.














The Sony Xperia Z2’s Live Color LED technology makes natural colors display much more brightly.To shoot long distance images the phone camera has an image zoom option allowing users to identify and zoom in like a telephoto lens with 81mm optical zoom with super resolution to take clear images. The phone supports external USB device too along with Bluetooth devices and FM radio. Its digital noise cancellation technique which has been used for first time on smartphones reduces around 98 percent of external noise. The headphones allow minimal distortion due to “Clear Audio” technology and its dual stereo speakers provide dynamic sound effect making every experience come alive.The phone’s sharp text and well defined application icons make it easier to use other smart phones in the market. The display of Z2 has been built with same technology as its televisions therefore has Live Color LED with Full HD Triluminos display which will enable easy scan across varied pictures for crisp imageswithout jagged edges. Its still pictures are made more alive due to Sony’s latest image software which scans through every image to produce sharp pictures by optimizing colors, sharpness and contrast.


Your smartphone comes with a few accessories bundled together by manufacturer during purchase and some need to be bought to enhance the experience of its built in features.

Smart Wristband:

The phone can be synced with Smart wrist band which lets user keep track of every activity done during the day like a calendar instead of physically writing it down. Actions related to communication with varied people during the day followed by entertainment watched on television or computer etc. It records every activity which can be played back like a video on the Xperia Z2.

Digital Noise Cancellation Headset:

Its headphones are fitted with digital noise cancellation technology to block external noise effectively and its ear-buds are built to fit comfortably into ear sockets and enhance listening experience.


If you want to shoot your home videos with authentic sound this powerful microphone can be bought as an accessory and is easy to use. The microphone is powered by highly sensitive stereo condenser to capture every clink of sound.

Style Cover and Stand:

To protect this delicate device one needs to buy a cover which comes with a built in stand to keep the phone in a horizontal manner to view movies or videos better. These can be bought at any Sony stores and come in two basic colors of black and white, is 14.7 cms long and lightweight at just 46 gms and are made of PU leather for durability. The SCR 10 cover cum stand can be modified into a leaning desk stand to enjoy browsing and viewing. Since the cover is special designed for the phone it has open slots for charging, using camera and also for connecting audio.

Magnetic Charger: There are two size options for magnetic charger which can snugly fit in the phone in a vertical or horizontal position and steer charging port to dock charging connector to make the connection. Its interchangeable inserts are such that one can easily charge the phone without removing it out of the cover.


If one were to compare the looks between previous versions and now both appear almost similar expect that latest one is 163 gms lighter than older version. Its front and rear surfaces are made of black metal and glass with sides in silver, and it is flat in design for better grip. The rear side of this phone has 20.7 MP camera with LED flash which is the only two blemishes on its otherwise smooth surface.To enable internet browsing the Sony Xperia Z2 has Google Chrome along with social applications like Facebook, Socialife News, Vine and Linked-In for the adventurous who constantly like to keep their friends and fans updated about their activities and also be in touch with real world.


The Xperia z2 has Google Android 4.4 Kitkat technology and is powered with 2.3 GHz Qualcomm QuadCore processor for faster movement between various applications. Its glass cum metal cover is both dust proof and water proof there fore during your next outdoor trip leave the camera and camcorder at home and click smart pictures on your phone to amaze your friends. The phone’s battery on full charge gives uninterrupted talk time for 19 hours followed by standby time for 740 hours and amazing music listening time for nearly 120 hours.

Author Bio: The author has great interest in handset and technology reviews. Currently he is working with 91mobiles.


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