Your iPad is about to turn into a Disney Gaming Board

A line of toys next to Disney is about multi-touch screen iPAD a whole new level. “Appmates Disney” is a series of interactive games that use the iPAD screen to enhance the experience of playing with physical toys.
Initially, the characters of Cars 2 movie comes with an accompanying App Store. Are all over 6 years to have a new obsession.
Disney launched its line of titles of popular films in the coming weeks Appmates. In the case of Cars 2, children will be able to put the toy in the iPAD screen and automatically links to the App Store Game – Bluetooth does not require installation.

Tricia Duryee got a preview that how the game works:

“As Decrem moved the toy car across the screen, the game reacted: Cars skidded out in the mud, knocked over buildings and honked their horns, startling tractor-shaped cows.

The game is supposed to react precisely to a player’s movements, and during Decrem’s short demonstration it did, for the most part. For example, as he approached a mirror in the game, he was able to see the reflection of the car he was holding.”

According to its creators, the game will be, “the childrens around the age of six who really love hitting things.”
Each pack of two toys will be sold for $20, while playing the App Store will be available for free. Disney plans to launch Appmates in its stores on 1st of the October.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below:

The idea of using a physical toy with a virtual game on the iPad is still relatively new, so it will be interesting to see how other content creators to innovate in this area.

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