Zipcar has just announced its Free Application for all devices running with Android

This Application has been launched in Beta version and allowed members of Zipcar to test the program and give their feedback to developers for ensure that the software provides seamless mobile experience. After removing the beta tagline, the application become stronger, faster and more reliable then the last version, which is introduces in Beta. That version is only for test this application. This latest offer enhancement to the user and improved user features.
Zipcar 1.0 allows subscribers to search and reserve Zipcar by time, place and the vehicle.

For more with this application, this application allows their members to search available Zipcars on map, get vehicle location, cancel their reservation and even extend reservation. This application is available for all android users, even if they are Zipcar members or not. Download it Free From Here. Learn more about Zipcar and initiate the membership application process.
Zipcar Chairman and CEO Mr.Scott Griffith says that “Our members are rapidly transitioning from traditional to mobile devices. With this official release of our Android App, we’re responding to the needs of our members. This launch also reflects a cornerstone of the Zipcar brand, our unrelenting commitment to providing the best member experience”
In addition, Zipcar also allowed their members who do not own a smartphone can use an online interactive and automated call, which recognizes members and their reservation status and change settings dynamically based on where the members are in their booking experience.
Griffith said that “The feedback from our members during the beta test was instrumental in making this first version powerful, easy and fun”
Zipcar version 1.0 is available for FREE DOWNLOAD from Android market. This application is run on all Android devices OS 2.1 or higher.

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