Cell Phone Tracking Software; Play a Part in your Company’s Success

It is good to see your employees perform well and play their part in the success of your company. The thing that is of a worry is when a few of your employees try and disturb the smooth running of your company due to their hideous and laid-back attitude. Such employees are a liability to your business and it is better to get rid of them before they damage your company. A cell phone tracking software can help employers a great deal by helping them find all the black sheep amongst their staff.

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What does this software do?

With the popularity of tracking software, it is not beyond anyone’s imagination what a cell phone tracking software actually does. This amazing piece of technology actually provides you with all the information inside your employee’s cell phone once it is installed in it. The installation process is fairly simple and takes only a few minutes of your time.


This software is completely undetectable which means that nobody ever finds out about its presence in their cell phone. The starting procedure is fairly simply as well. Go online and sign-up for an account with StealthGenie before you install this software in your employee’s cell phone. After that you simply need to log-in with your details and access the entire cell phone data of your employees anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Messenger chats:

Whatever conversation that your employees have had through the BlackBerry messenger or G-talk, all those conversations are shown to employers by StealthGenie. Employers even get to see all the contact numbers that are present in the cell phone of their employees.

Call records:

Complete records of all the calls made to and from the cell phone of employees are provided to employers by StealthGenie with the precise time and total duration of every call. The employers even have the option to record any call or record all the calls if they want to.

No disturbance:

No feature of your employee’s cell phone is disturbed during or after the installation of this cell phone tracking software in their cell phone. You will never face any compatibility issues with StealthGenie if you are using any of the latest Android, iPhone or BlackBerry cell phones. So I guess if your employees are using any of the above mentioned smartphones, then you better get hold of StealthGenie and keep a close eye on them.

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