Download G Tablet ROM G Harmony Gingerbread 2.3.3 with Honeycomb

Viewsonic G Tablet ROM G Harmony is just released and available for download. This ROM is developed in Android Open Source Project Gingerbread 2.3.3 build. The ROM is just post on the XDA official forum by a senior developer Tjohsonjr. Wipe data before flashing this ROM on your G Tablet. If you stuck on the Android screen in clockwork while flashing ROM, Go to mounts and storage > format system and format data. After that reset your device to factory reset. Now refresh ROM.

Checkout the list of new features:

*Stock Gingerbead Launcher
*ADW Launcher
*Pershoot kernel 20110307
*Most apks were optimized and ZipAligned
*Honeycomb icons
*Honeycomb Wallpapers(by GFX Android)
*Honeycomb Themed boot Animation(by WJD Designs)
*Honeycomb live wallpaper
*Honeycomb clock widget(by GFX Android)
*Battery percentage in the notification bar
*Transparent notification pulldown
*Music Controls in the lockscreen(only works with the included Stock music app for now)
*Bluetooth HID for bluetooth keyboard, mouse and Wiimote support
*Galaxy Tab icons for the Settings menu
*Adobe Flash Player 10.2
*Miren Browser
*Zegoe font pack

Video Demo of G Tablet ROM:

You can free download ViewSonic G Tablet ROM G Harmony from here. If you have any question or need support, discuss it in live thread of XDA forum here. Download Gapps from here.

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