Download Google Earth 6 to view 3D streets and trees

Now you can see the Google Earth 3D view of streets and trees around the globe. Google launch the latest Google Earth version 6 which includes 3D trees, True integration with Street View and Easier viewing of historical imagery. These features look cool. We really enjoy while running out the streets with Google Earth 6. Watch the video below to know how its look with 3D virtual tour.

As you can see in the above video the combined view of 3D streets with 3D building look really great experience. Currently there 3D street viewing is limited to the parks but we are expecting soon its is available around the globe. The limited view of 50 type of streets look really realistic. To view these realistic streets see the video below.

You can download Google Earth 6 for the personal experience of 3D streets views and much more. I hope you really enjoy like me while viewing 3D streets view. Download Google Earth 6 to view 3D streets and trees from here.
Read more at The Official Google Blog.

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