Download GV Connect Google Voice Application For iphone

Google first iPhone application “GV Conenect” hit the app store. Last week when Apple decide to modify its app developer license agreement and allow developers to use third party developments, Google launches its first iPhone app GV Connect on app store. Folks at Mobile Crunch also spotted GV Connect developed by Andreas Amann on the app store.
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The stunning feature of GV Connect app available here.
GV Connect app is available on the App store just for $2.99 . We are still waiting for Google’s official free GV Connect app, which should be available soon. But if you don’t want to wait  or you don’t have patience, you can Download GV Connect Google Voice application for iPhone from here.

If you are waiting for Google Voice iPhone application lets us know in the comments. Keep in touch and up to date yourself with latest technology free apps.

Source: MobileCrunch.

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