Top 10 BlackBerry apps free for Download

I have seen that there is a lot of mindblowing applications of IPhone and all over the world there is fame of iPhone. A lot of applications are made for the iPhone but most of them you have pay for. And there are a lot of crappy applications than good ones. Now today I wana go for search out some thought provoking apps of BlackBerry. Some of the best from these apps are given below.

1.    Buzzd
(Free Download Buzzd)

buzz1Usually  BlackBerry apps seem to lag behind iPhone apps  in style and color sceheme , but this is comparatively  stylish apps . Buzzd not only does it look incredibly slick, it’s one of the most useful apps in our arsenal, combining the listings of Zagat, Citysearch, and Flavorpill into one local super search. You can also “buzz” local listings up or down (thrill or kill) to let other users know whether establishments are worth the trip or a waste of time. Like a lot of social apps, it will only get better as more people contribute, so join up and get buzzing.
2  Pandora (Free Download Pandora)

pandora2This is the  best streaming music site on the BlackBerry. The Mobile version has been streamlined enough to play just fine over EDGE connections, meaning you’re able to listen pretty much anywhere you get decent signal, not just in major cities. (That also means you don’t need a 3G BlackBerry to download it). You might just find yourself liking the app so much that you don’t even load your own music on your phone. It’s that good.

3. WorldMate Live
(Free Download Pandora)

worldmate31By using worldMare live you can find out  a list of hotel rooms sorted by distance from your location, with prices for each room and even a page for booking one. And that’s just scratching the surface of what it can do. You can also use it to track flights, sort itineraries, convert currency, look at maps, and check the weather where you are.

4. Evernote
Replace your butt-worn spiral notebook with this 21st century version, which allows you to capture the same brainstorms, thoughts and musings in a much more organized manner. Besides text, you can also file away photos (like snaps of whiteboard) and audio (like a spur-of-the-moment interview) from either your desktop or your phone, and then effortlessly search through them later.

5. Trapster(Free Download Pandora)

traster5Trapster may be contains builtin GPS capabilities, it will drop you on a map dotted with user-submitted speed traps, red light cameras and other wallet hazards, warning you before you come up on them and allowing you to peg the traps you spot for other users, too. It’s absolutely free application for you.

6. WeatherEye(Free Download)

weatger61 The BlackBerry now introduce weather app that you have not ever seen. The weather forecasting is  taken from The Weather  Network which is accurate and current. You will get a quick approach at  current weather conditions, plus extras like five-day forecasts, radar and much more. Now you can download WeatherEye app which is absolutely free for you.

7. The Oregon Trail ($4.99)

theoreagon7we like Oregon Trail.its maybe because we are based in Portland, or its maybe because we grew up shooting 6,305 pounds of buffalo that we couldn’t carry back to the wagon, like every other red-blooded American under age 30. You know that games play a great role earning for our livelihood or family resource, also meet challenges on the road west, and also for hunting. This game The Oregon Trail is available for you.

8. Par 72 Golf II (Free trial)
par8 You can free download the trial version of Par 72 Golf ll for  a  mobile phone game. The design of the game is same as to any other Golf game. It is quite easy to play anyone who has played ever  this sort of game and it look  pretty good for a mobile game. It is not detail and difficult as like PC user, but it delivers a lot of fun and great experience to you.

9. Facebook (Free Download Facebook app)
facebook This is smartly design BlackBerry app which make it possible to do things like set someone’s Facebook picture as their contact photo in the phone– automatically. It make easy for reading the pointless minutiae of other peoples’ lives, it integrates into your BlackBerry calendar, contacts and messages. You can facilitate all these features of BlackBerry app totally free by clicking above link.

10. Viigo(Free Download Viigo)

viigo10If  you  get  a BlackBerry, you probably like to be tapped in. And with customize feature to sports, weather, entertainment, podcasts, flight information, stocks, and news, etc.We guess you can say that Viigo does that. Sure, you can pull a lot of these tidbits in through more specialized apps, too, but Viigo has them all wrapped up in one very slick little app. And it’s absolutely free!

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