Top 5 Smartphone Messaging Apps for Free

The primary purpose of owning a Smartphone is for communication needs. Placing a call and sending text messages can be costly especially when you are someone who cannot live a day without sending text messages to friends and family members several times a day. But with the rising costs for text messaging charges, it helps to use free messaging apps on your Smartphone that offers you a more cost effective means of communicating using your mobile device. These 6 awesome messaging apps are free programs that can please your heart and pocket by keeping in touch with friends without shelling out the extra price when sending text messages using your Smartphone.

1.      WhatsApp

This is a free text messaging service that supports cross platforms that allow a mobile user to send free SMS to another cellular device without the extra cost to pay for. You can download WhatsApp on various Smartphones like Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia and Android devices. Another enticing feature from this messaging app is allowing you to send video and audio messages for free as long as your mobile device has data connection. It also provides some push notifications and support group chats.


2.      IMO Messenger

If you are person who loves to be connected with friends through the social media chat and at the same time to enjoy free messaging on your device, the IMO Messenger is best for you. It is more than just a messaging app where you can send free texts but it also allows you to connect through an instant messaging system with others for free on Google Talk, Skype, Facebook chat, and AIM simply by syncing your accounts. It also comes with push notifications and voice call features that support iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Nokia Smartphones.

3.      Skype

Skype has over 600 million of users making it one of the most widely used free messaging apps used worldwide. It is a popular VoIP calling service that allows the user to chat or send a message for free. You can use the application on various platforms for free instant messaging service, emoticons, phone calls and video conferencing. Almost everyone in the planet earth is using Skype and you will certainly find as many friends as you have with a Skype account. The application is very straightforward to use, with a simple interface and it supports Android, Symbian, iOS and Windows platforms.


4.      Viber

This is a free messaging app with the ability to pull your contacts from your address book and identify those with a Viber account and automatically add them to your Viber contact list. It provides push notifications each time anyone from your address book joins Viber. There are more than a billion free messages that were sent each month from its system. This can be downloaded on various platforms including Blackberry, Windows, iOS and Android.


5.      TextPlus (Text +)

This application provides for a free messaging program that supports various platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can send unlimited free messaging anytime regardless of what kind of phone you are using. It is widely used for group messaging and community texting. You can always enjoy using its chat room type feature to send messages and exchange photos and voice notes with others.




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